YSS/SRF President Sri Sri Swami Chidananda Giri's Message for Janmashtami - 2019




Dear One,

At this time of year when we join devotees around the world in celebrating Janmashtami, the birth anniversary of Bhagavan Sri Krishna, we have a beautiful opportunity to attune our minds and hearts with this kingly avatar of divine love. May our reverence for him during this holy season renew our longing for the inner kingdom of peace and joy that God wants us all to regain. The Bhagavad Gita assures us that as the Infinite Lord manifesting through Krishna guided his disciple Arjuna to spiritual and material victory, so He will guide us in our own daily battle of Kurukshetra — until we too achieve God-conscious expression of the divine qualities and potentials hidden in the depths of our soul.

In his role as the restorer of righteousness, Bhagawan Krishna guided Arjuna’s chariot; but he also urged Arjuna to fulfil his own part as a courageous divine warrior in vanquishing the obstacles of maya. God asks the same of us — that we use our will power, initiative, and soul-inspired discrimination to banish from our consciousness the limiting thoughts, desires, and behaviours that eclipse our innate divinity and bliss. Sri Krishna’s peerless and practical wisdom in the Gita shows us how; and with each victory, we grow stronger and gain greater soul freedom and joy.

Maya is a tenacious foe because for lifetimes we have identified ourselves with the mortal body and mind. So long as we remain engrossed in their ceaseless reactivity to the drama of daily life, our energy and attention are kept hostage to outward circumstances — to the demanding pressures, the constant sensory stimulation, and the peace-disrupting information overload prevalent in this modern world. We need Bhagawan Krishna’s way to victory: regular practice of the science of deep yoga meditation, directing the consciousness inward where the Divine Presence eternally awaits us. Our Gurudeva Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda said: “Free from the constant pronouncements of the senses and the chatter of restless thoughts, the yogi basks in the wondrous absolute quietude of a blissful inner calm that gradually purifies his whole nature.” Even a touch of that God-peace can spiritualize us and enlarge our awareness of possibilities in whatever circumstances confront us. We can assess daily situations more even-mindedly, and be guided by calm reason and soul intuition rather than impulses of the ego and emotions. We are able to express more understanding and compassion to others, based not just on moral imperatives but on the deeper empathy one feels for one’s own.

Through the blessings of Bhagavan Sri Krishna and our Gurudeva — and the transforming power of meditation, right activity, and ever-increasing devotion to God — may you too develop the radiance of character
that comes of God-consciousness: strength and vitality, an aura of goodness toward all, and abiding inner joy.

Jai Sri Krishna! Jai Guru!

Swami Chidananda Giri